Доповіді НАН України. – 2008. – N 8. – С. 117–120.

Флюїди глибинних горизонтів літосфери: зв'язок з родовищами нафти і газу в земній корі (за даними вивчення включень у мінералах глибинного походження)

І.М. Наумко, С.М. Бекеша, Й.М. Сворень

We have confirmed the influence of the processes of defluidization of deep-seated horizons of the lithosphere upon the formation of hydrocarbon-containing compounds in the medium of a deep-seated high-temperature fluid and have determined the connection of the mantle fluids as a source of the initial substance of hydrocarbons with oil and gas deposits in the Earth's crust. This promotes the development and introduction of new non-traditional methods of forecast of the presence of oil and gas in a geological slit based on such defects in solid bodies as fluid inclusions.

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